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A Private Tour or Touring With a Big Company- the positives and negatives

A Private Tour With Morocco Magic Travel.

( as opposed to travelling with big companies)

There are a many positives aspects in taking a private tour with Morocco Magic Travel and very few negatives…………

  • Flexibility – Transportation - we can take you were the big companies can’t. If your own personal group is large, you can choose between travelling by 4wd or in a 14 seater (or larger) bus. This provides the flexibility to choose a change in itinerary or spending additional days at a particular destination. It also means that we can incorporate off-road in our itineraries. If you are a solo traveler, a private tour gives you many choices.

  • When you choose to travel with the bigger companies, the itinerary and the time frame for travel is set and must be maintained – no flexibility. You can’t choose who you travel with or make any changes to destinations, where you eat your meals or where you shop.

  • A private tour operator is able to show you places that the big companies don’t go. We will take you for a meal with a local Berber family in the desert, arrange for a personal artistic henna session for each of your group, stop in the Berber villages for mint tea and pastries or dates with the locals, maybe hike to a waterfall in Chefchouen or have a picnic lunch next to the river or have an extended drive around the desert dunes and maybe meet a nomad family along the way. There are many possibilities for change, because we are flexible and interested in providing our guests a tour in Morocco that will show them a different side of Morocco.

  • The big companies will take you to places like ceramic factories and carpet shops where the guide travelling with the group will get commission for anything you purchase. THIS IS FROWNED UPON WITH MOROCCO MAGIC TRAVEL. WE DON’T ALLOW COMMISSION OF ANY KIND TO BE TAKEN BY OUR DRIVERS. However if you want to shop, we know where the tourists are not taken for shopping, where the prices are inexpensive and the goods are made by the local people, so the money goes directly to the locals.

  • Our Drivers have intimate knowledge of the customs and traditions of Morocco and are very experienced. They attend refresher courses second year to update the requirements designed by the Government for tourism. These courses cover such things as ‘what to expect from tourists from a Western Culture ‘ and ‘ how Western culture differs from traditional Moroccan’. They are also tested regularly on the driving ability and administration of their paperwork. All drivers in tourism must take these refresher courses every two years.

  • Accomodation – if there is a problem with your accommodation and it can’t be fixed via negotiation with the management of the hotel, we will move you to an upgraded room in another hotel. This is not possible with the big companies, they are locked in to there arrangements. They will try to fix the problem but of course that doesn’t always work.

I have travelled with Intrepid and other big companies in Morocco, so I speak from experience and I will always choose the smaller local company, anywhere I travel in the world.


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