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About Us:

There is a big difference travelling with Morocco Magic Travel as compared to the big travel companies. We have the ability to stop along the road and visit sights not included in our broad itinerary or just to stop for a coffee and the view, WHENEVER you, our client feel like a break from the car or want to visit a village along the way. We like to personalise our service to make you feel at home and welcomed, and this can’t be done by big companies with medium or large groups. They must stay with their itinerary that never varies and has no flexibility.


We are always flexible. If you want to stay an extra night in a beautiful Riad, we will arrange it! If you want to visit somewhere that isn’t on your itinerary, we will change the itinerary! We are totally flexible. 

You will discover a Morocco via a road not travelled by the big companies and a chance to explore and experience the culture and unique lifestyle of Morocco. 


That is why we will consider carefully the requirements of the client in everything and in so doing, choose destinations which provide more variety. Yes, we have itineraries for the most popular places in Morocco, but we are flexible with changing our itineraries in order to show our clients the real Morocco.

Morocco Magic travel specialises in private tours for solo travellers or couples or larger groups to all destinations in if you have a large group or just a solo traveller, we can fulfil all requirements, and of course our tours are discounted according to how many people are in the group. We have modern 4wd’s and also 14 seater buses available for larger groups which are very comfortable. Our drivers speak excellent english and have good overall knowledge of the culture, geography, history and geology of Morocco.

If you have a query or question about anything, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, it’s not trivial to us and we would be happy to answer by email or if you ring us. We are always available. 


We would be more than happy to help you. Our team advisors are 24/7 at your service to help you.



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