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1 Day Tour

Essouria Morocco

Price on enquiry

The best time to travel in Morocco is between February and May or September and November.
However, our tours are available all year round and we are able to mix and match, to suit all requirements.
Tour Details:

We will depart at 8 a.m. and drive for about 170 kilometres. There are geologically interesting landscapes during the trip, with a few villages, dromedaries, sheep and goats' herds grazing in peace on the few dry and rare herbal plants. The vegetation then changes to Argan trees which only grow in the wild and on which the goats climb to eat berries. If you wish, it is possible to stop for Argan oil tasting in a small cooperative totally run by women of the are in a co-operative, where the Argan oil is extracted. This oil is very famous for its uses in cooking and especially in cosmetics. 
A few kilometres further away, there is a panoramic view on Essaouira , a small blue and white town with a very strong Mediterranean influence. Once you arrive in the port, you are free to make your own moves. You can have a stroll on the quays which are full of life, where you can watch fishermen unloading their catch of the day, fishing boats coming back to the port and all the activities linked with the work of fishermen. Lunch can be
takenin a waterfront restaurant where you can choose from a wide array of the seafood that was caught fresh that morning.
Then visit the Medina which is the place where you will see a number of local artists and lots of craft shops, a lot of them exhibiting craft objects made of Thuya wood. Marquetry remains the speciality of Essaouira .  Essouria is also famous for thePortugese built ramparts which guard the bay and lookout over the Atlantic for enemies approaching.  If you feel like it, you can spend part of your day at the beach. Return to Marrakech at 6 or 7 p.m.


Scenes from Game of Thrones were shot on the ramparts in Essouria

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