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Questions and Answers About              Morocco

Q: How Do you Say Hello in Moroccan?

A: 1. Saalam Alikum - peace be upon you

     2. Wa Alikum Salaam - and with you also

     3. Aafek - please

     4. Shukran - thank you

     5. La shukran ala wajib - you are welcome

     6. Toilette Aafek - toilet please

Q:  Is Morocco Safe for Female Tourists?

A: Travelling in Morocco isn't a new thing. Morocco is safe for female tourists, but still be culturally aware, there is no dress code for Morocco though a general amount of respect is advised and will be appreciated. 

Q: Is Morocco Dangerous?


A: No its not! You are never likely to be in any physical danger in Morocco, but as in any country across the world, you still need to be very aware of your own safety. In some areas you may be harassed to buy or be invited for a coffee “just around the corner” but a definite LA (no) and firm shake of the head and hands will send the best signal.

Q: Do You Need a Visa for Morocco

A: Most travellers who want to visit Morocco can do so without applying for a Visa if your trip does not exceed 3 months, but you must have passport with at least 6 months validity from the time you enter Morocco.

When Should I visit Morocco?

A: Morocco is at its most beautiful from mid March to May, springtime, when the landscape is green and lush. There will be spectacular mountain hiking. Morocco is also lovely in September to November when temperatures are cooling and very pleasant.

Q: What is Moroccan Food Like?

A: Ah...The Tagine. The Tagine is a clay cooking vessel which is layered with meat, chicken or fish and many vegetables and spiced with Cumin, garlic, coriander and various of herbs and spices. Tagine is the household staple of all families and can be prepared in many ways by varying the spices and vegetables. Desert is always fresh fruit from the local markets.

Q: Why should you go to Morocco?

A: Camping in the Sahara desert

     Trekking in the Mountains

     Beaches, surfing

     The desert

     The food

      Traditional accomodation (Riads)


      The desert

      Imperial Cities, Marrakech, Fez,  Rabat, Meknes.

      High Atlas Mountains

.....and did I mention the desert?


Q: What is the Best City to Visit in Morocco?

A: Fez, the oldest operating Medina in the world,  Chefchouen, the Blue city, Marrakech, Jmaa el Fnaa, the Square, Merzouga, on the edge of the western Sahara, Essouria, a former Portuguese Fortress on the Atlantic coast, Ouarazazate, Unesco site of Ait ben Haddou and the Atlas Movie studios (think Game of Thrones, lawrence of Arabia)

Q: What to wear in Morocco?

A: Comfortable clothes and shoes for men and women, but its not respectful to be showing too much skin, i.e.: tank tops, singlets, short skirts, bikini tops would be disrespectful.

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