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Accomodation and travel in Morocco

Accommodation and Travel in Morocco


Riads (hotels) in Morocco are, as a general rule very traditional and very different to western style hotels.

All Riads will include breakfast in the room price and dinner can also be enjoyed at your Riad after a long day of exploring and travelling if you would prefer to eat in.

The quality of food is usually high as everything is sourced locally and very fresh and you can indulge in tasty and hot tagines, made with chicken, beef or fish and lots of fresh vegetables, cous-cous on Fridays and innumerable tasty salads, hot and cold. There is always plenty of fresh fruit including the sweetest oranges, melons, mangoes, grapes, bananas and other seasonal fruit. Breakfast will consist of Moroccan bread, baked onsite, maybe yoghurt, croissants with jam (confiture) or honey, possibly from the hives on the terrace of the Riad, with some soft cheese and unlimited coffee, Moroccan tea or Mint Tea (atay).

The quality of the Riads (star rating) will vary across Morocco. All the Riads that are used by Morocco Magic Travel provide a high level of service and are always clean and comfortable. Our staff checks the accommodation regularly to ensure we are providing the cleanest and most comfortable accommodation we can. You will be entranced by the Moroccan architecture, the attractiveness of the rooms, because they are so different with beautiful wall hangings, possibly delicate curtains enclosing the bed, Moroccan carpets and pottery are also used in decoration.

We prefer our guests to let us know if they have a problem with their accommodation with regard to cleanliness or comfort and we will address the problem with the Manager of the Riad.


We use three levels of accommodation, economy, which is very comfortable, but maybe not as decorative, affordable luxury, for that extra feel of luxury at very little extra cost and very luxurious which are, as the words suggest, the top of the range hotels in Morocco. The prices of these hotels range from very in-expensive to extremely expensive for a double room. It is also possible to have a suite in the more expensive hotels. I have listed, at the end a few of the hotels we use for you to check out.

However, as we deal with these hotels on a regular basis, we have arrangements with them that enable us to keep the cost within our itineraries as low as possible. These prices may change from season to season, but only by a minimal amount.

Only on two occasions’ have any of our guests raised a concern with the accommodation and we addressed the problem quickly and with little fuss. On one occasion we had 4 ladies travelling and they weren’t entirely happy with accommodation, so we moved them to a freestanding house, called the French Apartment which was an upgrade and they enjoyed the freedom of an entire house for 3 days.


All the staff at Morocco Magic Travel endeavour to provide a relaxing, enjoyable and fun experience. We are always flexible with regard to our accommodation, places we take our guests to visit and the time spent travelling. Our guests can request a change in itinerary or accommodation and we will oblige wherever possible.

Accommodation –

Economy – Riad Bahia Salam in Marrakech

Riad Nezha in Merzouga

Affordable Luxury – Riad Sara in Fez

Riad Spa Lina in Chefchouen

Luxurious – Dar Maya in Essouria

Villa Mandarine in Rabat

Check these out online to see the level of accommodation.

Everything I have mentioned above is from my own personal experience when living in Morocco.

You will find that booking with Morocco Magic Travel will provide you with an experience in Morocco that you will always remember for the diversity, the beauty and the adventure.


Robyn Griffiths and Moha Koujout.

Morocco Magic Travel

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